Meet Chris — Veteran. Husband. Dad. Friend.



Meet Chris — Veteran, Husband, and Dad. Chris unexpectedly suffered two strokes and needs help with the astronomical medical bills while he is in rehab.

Chris is 39 years old; he's offbeat, funny, and one helluva ballplayer. Chris is a decorated veteran — National Defense Service Medal recipient. Shortly after Basic Training, Chris was sent overseas and spent the next three years on foreign soil, between Saudia Arabia and Japan. 

October 10, 2020. For some people, it is just a date in history. For Chris and Sasha Sell, it was the date that their lives changed forever.

Chris suffered two strokes over October 10th and 11th. He's had multiple brain surgeries and spent the last few weeks on life support. Over the last month, we learned Chris has Lupus.

We started this to ease the burden of financial stress for Sasha and Chris.  

Over the next days, weeks, and months ahead, Sasha will need to be at countless doctor appointments, hospital stays, and surgeries. As you can imagine, the typical costs of everyday living such as a mortgage, food, gas, car, etc...the medical expenses will be immense.